FI Adventure Month 22: Covid Edition

2020... the year of "survivalchangegrowthprotestunknownwtf"

Written By: Collin

2020 needs no introduction, and you certainly don't need my commentary on it. My hope is that it whatever it brought for you that you survived it, adapted, and grew into a better person on the other side. And I'm writing this on the first day of August, so you might just be trying to survive still... I'm thinking of you and praying for you.

We've been very fortunate through all of this in that we still have our lives, we haven't gotten sick, and we still have our jobs.

I'm not sure what the remaining five months of the year hold for us, but I know that we will adapt and grow. Shared hardship is extremely difficult, but it has a tendency to bring people closer together. And if we - as an individual, family, local community, nation, world - can adapt and grow then I believe we'll become better people after it.

Monthly Check In

July Savings Rate: 63%

July Debt Total: $91,676.58 ( ↓ 11.9% from when we started our FI adventure)

July % of FI: 4.3%

We've got a large amount of savings right now, but we're going to put most of into paying off debt in September when the government program of 0% interest on student loans ends. The coolest thing is that today is the closest I've ever been to a $0 net worth. Unfortunately, I'm still negative five digits away from $0, but I'm hoping that will change in the coming months. I'm totally going to throw a party when I'm worth 0 dollars.