FI Adventure Month 6: Rain, Fishing, and Negative Savings Rates

What do they have in common?

Written By: Collin

April was a good month in general, there were some great moments. Money wise I would say it was... interesting. There were a few things that were different than normal months.

The main thing that was different and was definitely a highlight of the month was that we were able to give away 20% of our income in gifts and donations. This is higher than normal for us and it really felt good to do some good for people. I firmly believe in generosity and giving away whatever resources (time, money, etc) you can to help people out. So many people have helped us in our lives, that it's the very least we can do to give back to others.

Additionally, we had a few medical bills that were expected but not in our normal monthly spending. So after factoring those in we came out with a whopping -12% in our savings rate this month! No worries on our part though, we had money saved up for the medical bills and technically if you factor those out and only look at our normal monthly spending then we managed to squeak out a 5% savings rate. While not huge, it does mean that our normal monthly spending didn't go over our normal monthly income and that is our goal every time.

But enough about the money, let's discuss the best part about April... fishing! The weather is getting warmer and the therefore the water too. The smallmouth bass started feeding in preparation for the spawn (making babies) and there is the potential for some of the best fishing of the year.

Now the worst part about April... rain. It has rained so much that the rivers are constantly flooded and muddy. And by the time the river gets back down to fishable levels you have a few hours to get out there before it just rains again and you're stuck for a few more days. The rain has really been pretty non stop and it's been a bummer as I've only been able to get out to fish a handful of times.

But even with the rain and sporadic fishing opportunities, I've still managed to catch three fish for the year. Their size is nothing to write home about but it's ok, I'm on the board now and I've had a blast getting out there to explore nature. Any day spent outside is a good day.

Tight lines everyone.

Monthly Check In

April Savings Rate: -12% 😯

April Debt Total: $100,016.79 ( ↓ 1.03%)

April % of FI: 1.75%

Apart from the negative savings rate the metrics improved like normal. Our debt dropped the normal 1% and we even made .05% progress towards our FI goal thanks to some good stock growth. Things are in the works here though and hopefully we will get a big improvement to these three numbers in the near future.