FI Adventure Month 5: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Or a month short... who's counting.

Written By: Collin

Well, I'm an entire month behind on posting. But no looking back now. I'll keep this one short.

As anyone with a few kids can attest, when asked how things went a month ago, they'd probably be like me and say... I have no idea, but it was probably fine. Looking at the data, we didn't save as much as we wanted to, but we still saved some.

Oh well, here's to next month (which is the post I'm writing in a minute and I already know how it ends).

Monthly Check In

March Savings Rate: 7.6%

March Debt Total: $100,889 ( ↓ 1.38%)

March % of FI: 1.7%

Not as great as some other months, but we did save money and our investments grew by .1%... better than nothing for sure.