FI Adventure Month 4: The Best Things About February

It was February...

Written By: Collin

As I started writing this post I started listing a few of the reasons that I dislike February and why I was looking forward to March... but then I thought you know what? Change your mindset and change your life (cheesy but true).

February was wonderful and here's why. First, we got a membership to our local city rec center and it has been great. It's naturally more challenging to have fun activities for the kids every day when it's winter and dreary outside. They really need to have ample play time and when we're inside all day they have trouble getting all of their energy out and sometimes get a bit stir crazy.

The solution is to get out of the house and go to events or play at other places, but when an hour or two at a local indoor play place can cost $20-30 it gets unreasonable to go and visit these places a few times a week.

So we decided to dive in and get family passes at our local rec center. It's so cool there. They have huge nice swimming pools with good open swim hours, a climbing wall, gyms, fitness room, and they're even building a new kids indoor play place. Needless to say we're not having trouble finding activities for the kids now. Plus they have some wonderful classes and our oldest will be starting a preschool gymnastics class this week.

Another wonderful thing that happened in February was that we were able to visit a lot with friends and family and get some good quality time with people. With the new year we started doing a bi-weekly family meal time at our friends' house. They have young kids similar in age to ours so we share a meal together and talk while the kids just run off and play together. It's been really nice.

Since this is a financial blog I'd be remiss if I didn't share about the finances this month. It was our best month ever for our savings rate! This is only due to the fact that we got our tax return this month and not because we were frugal faithfuls or anything. We definitely over spent in a few areas, like food, food, and more food. But we still managed to save 47% and we're fully funded for our house down payment now!

All in all February was a good month and it seemed to fly by. Despite gloomy weather we made the best of it and that's what counts. But on that note, I am very much looking forward to the other 10 months of the year.

Monthly Check In

February Savings Rate: 47%

February Debt Total: $102,475 ( ↓ .47%)

February % of FI: 1.6%

As I noted above, we had a great month for our savings rate, but this is mostly due to getting a nice tax refund. We weren't particularly frugal or anything. Our debt total went down at an average rate and I'm really looking forward to it dropping under 100k. One thing to note is that I added a new stat, "% of FI". I set a goal number for my investments to be at in order to reach full financial independence, that is, when I can withdraw enough money from investments to equal my yearly spending. Needless to say, frugality make this a small number while my savings rate speeds up my timeline to get there (after debt). So I wanted to start tracking how close I am to this goal number. I'm currently 1.6% the way there ¯\(ツ)\